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I am a catalyst for change

"A modern day Medicine Man for the soul enabling powerful transformation with those I work with".

Craig is a Psychic, energetic Healer, Seer and Change maker.

 A 'natural born healer and psychic' Craig has been a healer all his life.

For over 15 years he has been working alongside his muggle life with those in need. For over 5 years Craig now spends his full days between creating Talismans and Wands, and working to empower people with Psychic readings and Energetic Healing.

Craig is a regular on  Australian TV appearing on PTV (Psychic TV) on channel 7Two.

An international speaker and facilitator within Australia and both Europe and America.

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is a powerful way to begin the process of moving forward in your life. Answering your questions. 

Craig taps into your energetic body seeing blockages are affecting you, then with the assistance of his guides and ancestors channels information for you, answering questions that may be new or those that have been unanswered for many years.

Using cards to assist the reading they are both profound and precise.

Precise questions obtain precise answers

"It's not always about knowing but also why things are occurring so we can 'fix' them.

We work together, you and I towards a powerful and beautiful change in your life. 

As we discuss with spirit guidance that is needed for you to heal.

And by heal we do not just mean get well for now. 

But to truly move forward positively, understanding why and where you have been. 

Using this knowledge to grow both in your

everyday life and spiritually.

It's NEVER about fear not should it be.

Find that safe place to breath and grow, see what 'triggers' you.

Seeing what put you on this path, feel relaxed and whole again.

While receiving messages from spirit, guides and loved ones.

Craig works with the divine spirit, the ancestors along with the energies of this earth and the universe

to bring about these changes.

Healing with Craig

Craig is the GO TO person for healing and will certainly make a powerful difference in your life.

Life Change Coaching, is not only empowering.

It will Create a clear and strong future for you.

As he discusses your past present and future with you, change will begin to occur. 

He is a modern day medicine man for the soul, Shamanic practitioner and wizard.

Removing that which no longer serves you, cutting away the shadow and working with it to balance ourselves.

"When we recognise the shadow and work with love and pure intention then we begin to trust ourselves again "

Looking for abundance in all things and beauty provided around  us every day.

Working with the divine energies of the universe,

along those earth energies that we profoundly feel every day of our lives, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit.

And of course your interaction with them.

Balancing the chakras, our body and spirit. Know what it feels to be whole.

A process of hands on healing, journeying, soul retrieval and past life repatriation.

Metaphysical Tools

Craig creates powerful metaphysical tools, for healers and shaman, talking sticks, staffs.

Personal talismans for protection are created with guidance, to wear on your journey.

Each piece is individual, as they should be. 

I am chosen I'm sure by the branches used in my work, walking past dozens...hundreds even of fallen gifts,

until the right one or ones open their energy to me.

These are the ones I bring home to create my talking sticks, wands staffs and jewellery.

The crystals are no different and between them and the wood I have little to say about what goes with what!!

I am the facilitator of their decisions.

Energy Clearing

Craig, Is an experienced 'space clearer'.

He is able to clear negative energies and spirits from you, your home and workplace.

Working with powerful guides and earth energies.

Clearly and quickly removing those spirit entities and unwanted energies.

Leaving you your family and your home or workplace free and 'clean' again.

Restoring the balance and enabling you to live and work in piece and harmony.

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