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Mentorship and coaching

Discover your most passionate life

Level up, a mentorship and coaching package offers you an opportunity to raise the bar on your life.

Powerfully lifting your goals, dreams to reality as we work together.


Mentorship and Coaching

What is it your truly desire?

It has taken you a life time to get to where you are today.

Often just one session is not enough to open your pathways completely, though profound it is a beginning.  

Complexities of life often dull our senses, and rob you of living a full and passionate life.

Mentorship along with healing, is a profound way to access your hidden desires and fears. 

Craig offers packages tailored to suit your needs.

These sessions are a powerful way to begin a new journey through the old, to begin to walk into your greatest desires

5 x 1hr sessions are available for $1750.

10x 1hr sessions are available for $3500

 Without Fear, Heal Your Life

Work with me: Services
Work with me: Treatments

Sessions with Craig

Working with me

Your sessions are a learning experience, tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized healing and psychic sessions for your specific set of needs that will offer you clarity and into your true authentic self. Feeling free and enriched from past traumas and life events, Better than ever in no time.

Mentorship and coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to reclaim your true self, to live your most passionate life and create the future you truly desire.

Call or email me today to see how I can create a personal healing plan for your specific needs.


Psychic Readings


Sessions in person, via Skype or Zoom $220 per hour.

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is a powerful way to begin the process of moving forward in your life. Answering your questions. I tap into your energetic body to see where blockages are affecting you, then with the assistance of my guides and ancestors I channel information for you, answering questions that may be new or those that have been unanswered for many years. Using cards and divination to assist the reading they are both profound and precise.

Precise questions obtain precise answers

"It's not always about knowing but also why things are occurring so we can 'fix' them.

We work together,  understanding why and where you have been, using this knowledge to grow both in your

everyday life and spiritually. It's NEVER about fear not should it be.

Finding  what is and what can be are powerful tools to work strongly towards a future of clarity and wellness.

  • Know your path

  • Precise

  • Why is your lifepath where it is right now?

  • Walk away with a clear head and heart.

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Bio-Energetic and Shamanistic Healing


Sessions in person, via Skype or Zoom $220 per hour. Please note that most session in this space are 1.5 hrs @ $330.       A two hour session is $440.

"I am not an 'Alternative' healer. I am a Healer."

Healing with me.

I am the go to person for healing and will certainly make a powerful difference in your life as we discuss your past present and future. I am a modern day medicine man for the soul, Shamanic practitioner and wizard. Removing that which no longer serves you, cutting away the shadow and working with it to balance ourselves.

"When we recognise the shadow and work with love and pure intention then we begin to trust ourselves again "

Looking for abundance in all things and beauty provided around  us every day.

Working with the divine energies of the universe, and those earth energies that we profoundly feel every day of our lives, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and of course your interaction with them.

  • Personal and relationship healing

  • Business, stop the rot, clear your head and live a full life on your way to success

  • Balancing the chakras, our body and spirit.

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Know what it feels to be whole.

  • A process of hands on healing,

  • Shamanic Journey, a process deep meditation and calling of ancestors, seeing where pain and blockages begin. Then letting them go

  • Soul retrieval and past life repatriation.

  • All things need to balance, work/life, health of mind body and soul, love of self and of others.   

    Without Fear, Heal Your Life


Energetic Protection and Cleansing 

Be safe within your home, office, physical and light body. Contact me for details of costs please.

Home, office and personal cleansing rituals are offered to rid you of negative energies and unwanted spiritual 'guests'' that persist around your space and cause havoc and unrest within your person, home and office.

  • Feel clear

  • Know peace

  • Be calm

  • Your anxiousness on being alone within your own space will disappear 

  • Enjoy your own home without unwanted energies interfering with your daily life.

  • Fear, feeds negative, no fear

Craig has been performing cleansing rituals around Australia and internationally for many years and is considered amongst his peers to be a powerful force and ally to work with. 

2017-03-14 12.39.28_edited.jpg

Talismans of Protection

Carrying magic

Talismans and amulets co-created to protect you from psychic attack and energy 'bleed' from your aura. Created with pure intention and powerful magic to assist you in your lifes journey, Craig is a master craftsman and will ensure the integrity and power of your piece.

Click here for more information about these powerful life tools.


Breath Work

Your Breath is your Life, Your Life your very breath

Craig has worked with the breath for most of his life, he is an Asthmatic and in his early years had many trips to hospital with asthma attacks.

He taught himself to breath differently in his early thirties and has not had a trip to hospital since, he is still asthmatic, but it has little bearing on his day to day life.

“I take about 5 breaths per minute, sometimes 4 if I’m busy,

It calms our nervous system allowing the Parasympathetic system to be more dominant.

‘This offers clear thought and a whole lot less stress”

In his healing work, it became apparent early on that if he could slow the breathing of his clients they would respond to the energetic work a lot more strongly. Enabling them to heal and move forward quicker.

Craig is a Soma Breath Instructor and Facilitator, and along with his own style developed over 15 years of shamanic and bio-energetic work uses these techniques to enable his clients to develop positive breathing habits, and along with healing bringing them into a space of strength, embodiment and joy, as they feel stronger and more alive than ever.

Soma techniques are science based but coming originally from Pranayama they fit perfectly into his healing work.

With Breath work, he has also seen that he can assist dozens of people at the one time in group sessions, working with corporate sessions and community groups. His individual sessions as well as group sessions producing amazing results.

So, Whats in it for me you may ask?

Craig’s Soma, Breathwork techniques are designed to balance our body.

The nervous system where we tend to mostly operate in sympathetic mode (fight or flight) keep us in a state of busy and anxiousness, preventing us from being in the flow and enjoying life.

During theses sessions YOU will become more relaxed, not just like in a quiet time, or in meditation, but an extended relaxed where your body enters into a change. We trigger turn the switch on the parasympathetic system. Where you not only get to rest and relax. But you begin to heal and grow. Your ‘Happiness Hormones are triggered allowing you to feel the joy of life,

as your endocrine and immune system are triggered to open up.

Using Soma techniques your brainwave achieve faster gamma wave ‘movement’ It is responsible for cognitive functioning, learning, memory, and information processing. ... In optimal conditions gamma waves help with attention, focus, binding of senses (smell, sight, and hearing), consciousness, mental processing, and perception. Soma Breath can bring about this in minutes!

When you practice more and more you will there is the potential to release natural DMT stored in our Cerebral spinal fluid.

In Soma with regular practice and breath retention, you can even release the those dormant stem cells in your body, to assist with healing and growth.

Shamanic Elemental Breathwork

Sessions with Craig offer you a chance to profoundly travel within your own space, sometimes working with the elements, always working within the ether of your life.

These sessions, again, some one to one and others within group sessions.

Bringing to you the power of your life, the journey within, similar to shamanic journeying, where the past and present shadow comes to the surface for release.

They are not only powerful, but totally life changing.

This technique is best described as more masculine as it is quite forceful, yet brings you back into a space of gentle knowing balancing both the feminine and masculine within.

Allowing this profound release, is prophetically healing.

Journeying at different times through the elements allows us to touch and feel the air, fire, earth, water and spirit that is within the ether. Each one having a different though similar energetic release.

Breathwork, is the key to recovery from the day to stresses of life, learn how to live fully with Craig as ‘without fear you change your life’

The spiritual benefits are profound using these techniques.

This is the life you deserve and strive for.

Daily practice, will change your life for the better.

Breathwork is for you if you wish to relive stress.

Breathwork for sports.

We hear of sports people being put into a hyperbaric chamber to enhance the efficiency of the O2 within their bodies, strengthening the lungs and promoting endurance and stamina.

Correct breath techniques will and can achieve this, so it is for everyone not just those with access to these machines.

Breathwork for business.

These techniques enable those in business to have clear thought, remain calm through stress and open the mind to access your full thought potential, even accessing the subconscious brain to cut through limiting belief systems that may be holding you or your business behind.

Is Breathwork for you?

Breathwork is for you if you want that experience of connection to the divine.

Breathwork is for you if you wish total connection between mind, body and spirit.

Breathwork is for you if Meditative states are hard for you to achieve.

Breathwork is for you if you wish to release those aspects of your life that are holding you back.

Breathwork is for you if you are alive and breathing!

Different techniques are used during session to enable you to feel stronger and more in touch with your true fearless potential.

Breathwork is for anyone, and can be tailored to your needs.

Although there are some conditions such as those with Heart disease and challenges

or the divine feminine bearing a child that we alter some aspects for.

To Learn more about my Soma Breathwork, click here.

For personal sessions or other information, please click on the contact button below. Thank you

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