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Testimonial Journeys

A Pathway to Healing

It is with trust and faith from those people who spend time with me on their Healing Journey, recommend their friends and family. It is great humility and honor that I share their experience with you.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"If you’re ready to be absolutely honest with yourself, and have the desire to change, heal, evolve into your authentic self, Spirit has guided you to the right place. Craig helped restore me on so many levels, and really opened my eyes to many things I was either ignoring or just blind to. He works with absolute integrity, trust and unconditional love, he seemed to know me better than I knew myself at times. He will discuss any subject, no limits, be prepared to do any homework he may give you. No healing session is the same, he is guided to what is needed at the time, I had many profound, magical experiences during his sessions, it is deep work in a heart-centered safe place. Craig is a unique powerful yet down to earth healer.


For the first 25 years of my life deep down i was never really sure who i was, until I met Craig from Anubis Creations. Since my sessions with Craig I have never felt better and so certain of who i am. I have released so much negativity and fear that i have never felt so free in all my years of life. Thank you Craig.
from Debbie.....
I had the most amazing experience with Craig. I feel like me again. Thank you


Hello! Having the full moon last night was a wonderful way to wrap up a very emotional day. I really loved the healing. It has helped me so much, and doing my homework this morning was really beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you. You really are amazing


I have been receiving healing from Craig for many years now. He is a great healer. There are many things that he can do to help you on your healing journey. He works with you at your own pace. I would recommend Craig to anyone who is serious about healing themselves and shifting any blocks or blocked energies. As for me, Craig has helped me to release issues that have been around for a long time. 
Everyone's healing journey is unique to them. And Craig tailors every healing to you at the time. And as a result, you can experience a great shift in consciousness and heal whatever is required for you at the time. 
Many blessings. 
Sotiria Katsikas.


I have had several healing sessions with Craig over the past couple of years with fantastic results. Craig has such amazing insight and can pinpoint with accurate detail exactly what is happening with me at that time and what needs to take place for me to recover and restore physically, mentally and spiritually. An experienced and wonderfully heart centered healer, I would recommend Craig in a heartbeat. I also cannot speak highly enough about the quality of Craig’s Anubis Creations' crystal jewellery and talismans. I have purchased several pieces now and each piece is so perfectly unique with such beautiful energy, you always know which one is meant for you. Craig's attention to detail is second to none and the love that goes into the development of each and every piece is more than obvious. Thank you Craig.


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