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Talismans and Ceremonial Tools

Anubis Creations, Sacred protectors

A talisman is an amazing and powerful extension of our own energies and intent.

A talisman, when correctly created or co-created with spirit and ceremony,

connects you to those energies which you may need to work with,

to manifest life force changes and protection within your own life.

Talismans have been created for 1000's of years by spiritual masters to enable people to know and feel safety. 

Craig Davey follows ancient practice and with each talisman he creates there is a process of cleansing, intent and ceremony.

It is a personal amulet, or as we create a talisman with natural gifts of nature, wood, crystal and copper.

They can be created specifically for you or you can choose a talisman whose energy you are drawn to......

It may not be the one you find the most pleasing to your eye, but it will be the one you need the most.

As it was created with an energy and intent that aligns with yours.

It may be you want one for protection against negative energies, or psychic attack.

Perhaps you want to bring more abundance into your life?

Love, in it's many forms, to attract a partner or to nurture your own self, remember, self care is not selfish but necessary.

They are known to assist anxiety and moodiness, bring joy and trust into peoples lives.

Often we find on this physical plane that we need a little from the powers that the universe and our own higher selves offer.

A talisman is able to assist and enable you to connect in a more conscious way to these energies.

Strengthening our aura, our self belief and our will to change and grow, or protect and live fruitfully without fear.

Craig Co-creates Powerful, energetically perhaps magically infused Talismans for people and groups across the world.

His reputation and integrity while crafting his magic is unsurpassed.

You will know, because you will feel it.

Alongside me as I create are my guides and Ancestors, I am guided by Myliard an ancient wizard and healer, along with guidance and strength from Eyean (Eahhn) both who I channel regularly. Both sit and guide my healing work and creations. And of course Anubis, who since my birth has held, guided and protected me. I offer deep gratitude and grace for their assistance and love.

Below some information of how they come about to be created.

The Wood

There are many names and much ancient lore attributed to the spirit of trees and plant life. The most commonly known is Dryad. The Dryad an Elven energy, is typically known as the living spirit or sprite that lives within the Oak tree, however they are known to inhabit many if not all trees. Many would have you believe that once they tree has discarded a branch or the tree felled that the ‘spirit’ leaves that part which is no longer ‘alive’. In my experience this is not the case. Along with love and connected enchantment it remains to walk another journey with me to work with you the keeper of the piece.

I have found that by listening and feeling carefully, these beautiful gifts often show themselves in particular pieces. Strongly, I feel they are waiting for me to come along and pick them up to be used to co-create magic within my creations. They talk to me.

Truly I can walk through the bush or along the beach searching for this ‘Live wood” and come home empty handed, yet happy to have shared space in nature. At other times I will feel one piece or for that matter, many.

On rare occasions I take a branch or limb from a tree. I was reticent at first many years ago to cut, however over time began to recognise the call of the spirit within the tree, a permission given.

At these times I sit quietly and talk to the tree, giving thanks for their gifts and allow them to guide me as to where to cut how much to remove. This ritual for me is beautiful and the connection is enhanced. I feel empowered and truly a part of all around me more so than generally. I have cried and laughed, been humbled and grow stronger with perfect love and trust of the nature of my connection with these Dryads. I am blessed to be allowed to work Magically with them and honour this connection deeply.

They carry and connect all aspects of each piece I create for you, the keeper of each magically crafted tool.

The Crystals

Humanity has, since the dawn of time utilised crystals and gemstones. This affinity has remained to this day. The use of these gifts with and within Amulets and Talismans has been ongoing. Some of the oldest Amulets have been dated back 60,000 years discovered in gravesites from Switzerland and Belgium. The Egyptians used Turquoise, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and Clear Quartz for their adornments and protection from the physical, along within protection against evil spirits. In Ancient Sumeria crystals were used for ritual magick as well as magickal potions and tinctures.

It is from the Ancient Greeks that we can attribute a number of properties of crystals. They believed Clear quartz was the result of frozen water within the depths of the earth that eventually became solid. “Ice” is derived from the Greek word for Crystal Quartz.

From Australia to Europe and between, cultures have their own lore regarding different crystals and stone. It is interesting to notice that many of these ancient cultures had similar uses and definitions though they are so far apart. Many cultures believed them to be in fact sentient and held different energies.

It is here I begin the story of my Talismans and sacred tools. Until recently I relied solely on how the crystal or stone felt to me, how it is guided to be used within one of my creations. For me this is the most important factor, ‘Does it FEEL’ right? Occasionally I will reference a crystal if I feel the need to look further into something that is calling me, this too is guided and another part of weaving the story of the piece.

When I step out of my ego and into pure connection with spirit I listen and feel my way into what crystals should and should not be used within a specific piece. Not once has this guidance ever failed me. I learnt early that if I used what I thought rather than what I felt or intrinsically knew, something would happen to the piece during its creation, It would not set or I would somehow drop and break the piece…I learned fast to trust what my guidance proposed!

Each crystal has its own feel, a resonance or vibration that has an effect with and within the human body and energy field or light body.

The crystals, through ritual and ceremony are woven into the fabric of intention set for the talisman or tool. This weaving of energies assists to create a spiralling connection of energetic wonder. Magick is in the air.

The Deva of each crystal sits with you. The crystals hold wisdom and protect from negative influences. They are woven together to walk your journey with you and this wisdom is on tap for when you feel it, it becomes a part of you if you like. Opening the channels to knowing and learning, safety and protection.

Crystals are well known as part of wholistic healing experience, when created in the process of talisman or tool correctly this healing experience is enhanced and becomes a friend for life.

Once again thank you for sharing your time with me and that this assists you on your own personal journey.

Blessings, Craig.

This is why my Talismans and tools are felt so strongly by those who use and wear them. I look forward to sharing this magic and enchantment with you.

© Craig Davey 2021

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