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The year is 2020

A year destined for challenges.

A year to certainly wash your hands often!

Yet don't challenges make us stronger? wiser?

We will learn from the current madness that it is through lack of leadership that we are being hosed down by fear and misinformation.....or lack of critical information.

The riot of life, it's twists and turns are what makes us human.

However, ignorance, greed and selfishness are also a human trait, ALONG with compassion, love and awareness.

You need 2 weeks supply ....just in case they say, so why take a months or two?

Energy is everything and what is happening in our beautiful country is lowering our vibration as a whole.

Creating fear and hate, loathing and constant worry.

We are at a point of a paradigm shift, for thousands of years it has been community and tribe that have supported each other. Yet as we are forced(yes, I mean forced) to separate from our neighbours our townsfolk and our countrymen and become more and more isolated within a sea of humanity we achieve only dissension and loneliness. And along with this fear, angst and a vibration that is so low it creates DISease.

And we are heading down a pathway of separation from a reality that offers support, to one where we have NONE.

Every man/woman for themselves.... it just doesn't and will not work. But it is appearing like dark magic before our very eyes.

One world? Maybe in a utopia not discovered, but we are one human kind.

So gather your tribe, love your neighbour. Feed your soul,your family and your community with honesty, kindness and compassion, it's so much easier and far more successful a way of life than the alternative.

Make 2020 a year where that in hindsight your children and your childrens children will say wow, just wow, they did it!

Wash your hands, feed your soul with higher vibrational information,

And Without Fear Change Your Lives.



N.B Today we hear of the end of AAP for me it never seemed important. It's just a news carrier and scare monger along with other outlets.

Yet on contemplation, I also see it as the last bastion of Australia being informed at its roots. They reported at a local and informative level, not on the social level we see from our friends on FB etc.

They sat, watched and reported from small towns, local councils, community events and meetings, important court proceedings.

It kept us as a country in the loop if you like with each other as a community.

Now more than ever they are needed. It is a sad day indeed.

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