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Blades of Light, Colombian Lemurian Crystals

I love the crystal world, these wondrous treasures offered to us through a millennia of growth and wisdom.

Last year I was offered form Colombia some 'Colombian Lemurian' Crystals, Never heard of them before, and I love Lemurian crystals, we have an amazing collection of them at home and in our shop.

Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light

However, they were $50 each USD! and were quite small at only 3 to 8cm length each. And as much as I like them I was confounded as to who would buy them once I had placed a retail margin on them. So I respectfully declined, I was, unfortunately not able to buy Just a few.

This year 2022 I was fortunate again to be offered these magnificent beauties. And I grabbed them offering thanks to the universe with grace and humility to be the keeper albeit for a short time of these stunning crystals.

These Blades of light*(see note1) are fabulous, found near the Emerald mines in Colombia their ancient energy is palatable and their frequency undeniably extremely high.

I have been working with them for a few months now and found them to be very heart centred, they are amazing in meditation to raise your elevation, and seem to 'want' to assist you growing stronger with each session offering more connection as time progressed.

Colombian Lemurian crystals

They are for the most part water clear, and carry the striations that a Brazilian Lemurian has. They are not hazy or milky as their Brazilian cousins, nor do they have the pinkish hue often found in many Lemurian quartz due to the hematite they are formed with.

Blades of light crystals seem to offer a majestic clarity of mind, and while I rarely go into this, I feel 'healthy' while working with them, as though they are designed to bring clarity in the body and mind and soul.

Such wonder and awe!

These rare crystals seem to elevate the consciousness of humanity. There is so much information coming from the Galactic space into the Earth and these Blades of light assist to raise our vibration and offer a divine love that works in harmony and synch with these new energies apparent to those of us that seek it.

Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light

As a tool to work with they are amazing teachers, showing us the clarity needed to follow our 'Life Path' In Ifa we know that sometimes we are 'off path' working with the Orisa and using these Blades of Life crystals, creates a stronger bond with our knowing, that direction that we seek as humans to move onwards and forwards in our life. Clearing the way to walk with grace, with clarity and with a conscious love for self and humanity.

I have found great connection and clarity using them as a connection while channelling also.

They are undoubtedly powerful allies to hold and grow with.

A laser crystal assists us to pinpoint directions in our lives, being able to connect with these Colombian Lemurian Blades of Light crystals while healing and growing through lifes changes is such an honour and may I say a privilege, as many of them are lasers.

Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light

I have begun creating Talismans with them. And just wow!

They call for complete awareness of the task

(not that I do not) but I feel humbled working with them, providing clear thoughts and observations of the world around me as we create together, something powerful and magical for the specific keeper of the Talisman.

In ceremony I feel their energy clearly and potently. They 'sing' if you like to me and tell a story of old and new, of movement and growth as the piece is, bit by bit bought together creating wonderment, healing and growth.

Our ancestors and guides love that these crystals offer an abundance of life and clarity to us, the wisdom of Lemuria is to be found within also, and if you hold them with pure intent, as indeed these crystals offer purity, our mind clears enough to hear what we so often miss out on through either not trusting ourselves and in turn the guidance offered to us.

Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light
Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light

Opening the portals to wisdom and dimensions we can sometimes miss.

This expansion is a blessing and the connection enlightening.

I feel a strong connection with the heart chakra when using and working with Colombian Blades of Life crystals. But undoubtedly they are a crystal of higher consciousness and it is here at the Crown chakra we know and connect, seek and discover the wisdom of the new energies and of life itself. They align all chakras as their energy and frequency are so pure and potent.

Colombian Lemurian Blades of Light crystals are a gift to us for the new era of light and knowing, connecting, Healing feeling and loving. Sovereignty is found in knowing self and awareness of our surrounds. As we grow through these high vibrational times the are a magnificent ally and a monumental assistant to those working to connect with the advancement of humanity with love , grace and wisdom. Clearing the way to connection with spirit, and enhancing our gifts to share with the world.

As with all 'rare earth' crystals they are not common, there are some found in other parts of the world including China that look the same, these are not 'bad' crystals, they just do not have such a high frequency. Be aware if purchasing them that they will call to you and if that call is not one of higher frequency they may not be authentic Colombian Lemurian crystals or Blades of light. I am sure you will "know' they are not cheap as a rare crystal so if they are then be aware they may not be what they seem.

With deep gratitude and thanks I recognise your love and sovereignty, thankyou for taking the time to stop in and read this blog.

Much love and blessings to you and yours, Craig.

*Note1 I do not claim to be the originator of the term 'Blades of Light' as I found it while searching for information earlier on when I discovered these beauties. it is such a fitting term and offer thanks for this name.

Colombian Lemurian Crystals, Blades of Light

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