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The Lions Gate Portal 2020

This is a time of birth of creativity.

A time of openings and closure, where today, tomorrow open to us when we find balance within

The conjunction of the sun with Sirius (our energetic sun) known as Dog Days in ancient times as Sirius is with the constellation Canis Major and rose with the sun during this time. or more commonly as the Lions Gate portal as it ends on the 8th of the 8th

Oriens belt aligns also with the pyramids of Giza as well as Sirius at this time.

This is a time of powerful magic, where we can journey into the world of abundance so often sought after.

What is it you wish to bring into your life?

Be cautious at this time, as the magic is real and the potency great.

Sophia stands waiting for your search into your inner wisdom, allowing balance through the storm and light or knowing into the darkness.

As you are likely to receive what you ask for, which is not always what you want!

As the gifts you already have to awaken if you so choose.

The giant awakes within.

The physical body, walks this path with you of course and may just do what it needs to remain grounded, though I do not feel that those challenges aligned with ascension will arise so the aches and pains may not be present, as the energies and light activations are narrow and ‘fixed’

So do not feel the need to hold pain and alignment together right now if that is what you have experienced in the past. Although this time may show pressure in the sacral area, as it is the space of the cosmic womb, of birth and new beginnings.

Heal the wounds of old and begin anew, even go deeper into past lives could prove fruitful.

This time of incredible and powerful light energy and codes is a magnificent opportunity for all mankind to grow together in harmony if chosen.

And though there is also powerful dark energies at this time,do not fear them, stand in your truth and grow in stature speaking out and speaking up for your own needs and wants .

Prepare for the unexpected, of new beginnings along with sudden and often unexpected endings within different parts of your life.

Trust your inner voices, listen to and take note of what you prophecise within your dreams as they can be more prophetic at present.

The spiral of life will lead you into spaces of deja vu, where you immediately manifest, altering the reality you now know.

Transforming and transitioning into a creative and wonderfully positive time for you.

Begin a journey into the rest of the year, one of accelerated awakening within our divine consciousness allowing the truths of our souls to ignite and burst forward.

On a global scale it is a time of releasing outdated and outmoded practices, beginning the dismantling of these ways, and bringing forth the new energies of unification and connection to divine guidance, changing what we know into what we feel so that the issues of stability and security we have begin to dissipate and a wholeness of life for all begins.

A time for birth and re-birth of knowing and transformation.

Are you ready? You will not fall, you are supported.

We are loving the energy of our Lemurian seed crystals at this time they seem to be having an awakening of their own.

Much love and Blessings,


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