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Before you cut it,use it,or take it. Ask.

I believe that trees and plant life are sentient beings.

I am not the first nor will I be the last to feel this.

They communicate through their network of roots, and through extension the fine hair like roots threading their way and within the soil and fungus of the forest floor.

communicating, sharing, existing with each other to create what we know as The Forest or landscape.

As part of this cycle of life they are an integral part of our own existence, as we make multiple uses of the wood/timber that they bare.

So I ask you to please, before you cut down a tree, lop of a branch or pick a flower.

Ask permission, and give or leave something in return.

This simple, yet honorable action allows the tree to become prepared and distance it's energy from the area of disconnection.

Communicating with the spirit of the tree provides you with a much deeper connection with nature.

Within the Yoruba tradition of Ifa, it is Osain or Osanyin, the Orisa of plant life that is the magic, the powerful wizard/spell caster and healing magic.

Osain is the wild forest or bush, and we must always honor these living energies.

As when we do, we establish an intimate connection with all around us, strengthening our own healing and personal awareness of energy and its importance in our life.

With every step of our lives we are following the footsteps of those that have walked on the land before. Connecting to the ancestors of the land you are making use of is of the utmost importance if we are to have a pleasurable experience.

While on a deeper level by connecting and giving thanks we honor those that have gone before us, and perhaps healing the wounds of disrespect that newcomers very often bring to the land.

So feel what is right, know what is disrespectful even if it is a stone from the river or a shell from the sand, say thank you. Show respect and love to all that is. Oshun (river) and Yemonja, (Ocean) feel and know, they assist to create and also destroy what is or is not yours.

The living energies of nature, feel all, so even the tiniest respectful acknowledgment is noted.

Wherever you go, whether it be climbing a peak or traversing through a jungle, walking through a new town or country.

Ask permission, act with respect and good character, show your integrity to those that have walked before you, that sit in your own dreams and love where you live in that moment.

As it is your home, everywhere is our home.

These small ceremonies make a world of difference.

Much love and blessings,



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