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Bio Energetic Healing

"Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else"

--Leonardo da Vinci

"Healing is a journey with the energies we work with". Ase. Craig.

'Energy is everything', Science tells us what many already know, that all things vibrate and are not solid. Tapping into this wondrous Energy allows us to feel and trust, not to overthink or over analyse. This process of knowing is available to all of us all the time. We have all walked into a room at home or work and 'felt' something is not quite right, OR that something is fantastic!

This is feeling the energies and knowing how to work with this knowing or feeling brings us to a space of being able to 'see with our eyes closed' trusting what we feel and energetically feel when healing or indeed walking our path daily. This is true protection, when we can know immediately the character of a person, we can make a decision immediately whether to open a relationship or choose to stay at a distance. Preventing us from entering relationships and situations that are not in our best interests, indeed even assisting us to manifest those energies that we can work productively with. Bio energetic knowing is a powerfully ally as we walk our path through this life. Working with it provides space for profound change and positive outcomes in personal healing, relationships either at work or play and romantic partnerships.

We hold and learn many forms of wisdom. But trusting the wisdom that we feel enables us to tread safely and profoundly through life and it's constant changes. With this we use the knowledge we learn in our daily lives to assist this process and move safely and accurately through our lives.

THINK---- It's no use Knowing that you have to cross the road, if you just step out and walk into oncoming traffic, although you may sense the danger it is our life lesson of "look both ways before you cross the road" that gets us safely to the other side.

Balance is the key to all things in our lives.

Craig knows and teaches this balance and can share and enable you to walk your path with wisdom.

A healing is a transfer, sharing or knowing of energy. How often do you just 'know' or 'feel'.

When we touch our souls, love and lives, we share, and I will share with you the magnificent information the universe has for you. But it's not enough! We then look at those areas in your life that need assistance to move on, let go and heal.

Profoundly life changing experience is what I have to offer you. I have been given a gift of light,sight and healing love, together we seek information with spirit to discover where you have been, looking into your past to find what it is that is perhaps hobbling you to move on. It is in this lifetime that we need to mend what we carry from lives past. We don't always have to go back to them, but recognise and let go.

It is Love that cures all in one way or another, I'm not talking about light and love and those things we hear all the time (though they are true).

I am talking about profound love of life and self, of universal healing rays or light that we enlist the help of.

Fear NEVER does nor should be the basis of any healing.

For we are working with the land we are born into, Onile or Gaia, the Moon our mother, Grandfather sun, All is connected and therefore healed when joined as one, this is what we do, and along with working with the elements, our ancestors and guides, you will discover a new you, a path that does not include fear and worry but clear and precise direction and healing. A new you? Perhaps not, but just you living in love and health, finding joy and happiness in who you are and what you do. After all isn't that just about the one thing that we all ask for?

Craig Davey

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