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Elemental Breathwork. Shamanic Breathwork Journey. Water Element.

Imagine, just for a moment, a moment in time where you meet your guiding energy.

A moment, when you see with so much clarity and power,

the very depths of the work you do and can do.

Well this is opportunity opened up for me on Thursday this week.

I’m in Bali attending a workshop on Shamanic Breathwork.

In some ways I’m wondering why I am here. I use breathwork techniques every day in my healing work.

However I have been guided, pushed even to delve deeper to learn more and most importantly take time out to heal my own wounding, to visit the sacred world of elemental healing, the Orisa, my guides, the magnificence of the elements that I work with on a daily basis.

I’m excited going into this journey, it has been a while since I have spent time nurturing my own needs. Something I encourage others to do every day, yet we forget about ourselves.

Water, Yemonja Olokun, Yemonja the womb of the world, Olokun, The darkest depths, these are the primary elements I work with in my healing work. Yemonja is the Mother, fierce powerful, protective, offering rebirth and life yet assisting to destroy that which is no longer of value to you.

Olokun, the depths of the ocean, of our own psych. The darkness and the place where we hold onto pain and lessons of wisdom that adversely effect our lives, yet those lessons most valuable to us to pull up into the light to be realised and released.

It is an hour session, I am being watched over by my love Ivana, I am safe, nurtured and feel protected.

A sense of wonder and excitement as to what will unfold.

Breathwork is like that, as we pry open those energies we are holding onto within, it searches through our own body to find the shadow, to bring forward for you to learn from….or not!

Within 5 minutes of the beginning It seems I am pulled down through the ocean, through the safety and light of Yemonja, down, down into the darkest depths of Olokun.

And what an amazing gift it was.

I have heard that we do not know how deep the deepest parts of the ocean are.

I believe that, yet on this day I am shown something wondrous.

Olokun shows me as I twist and turn through the depths, releasing my own shadow and seeing power and hope, flexibility.

Light and darkness together, working within to create stability, love and wisdom.

Healing and releasing without plant medicines, without pharmaceuticals. We can plunge into our the elements and depths of life and come through the experience with such amazing clarity.

Olokun showed me that there is always light. Light is love the purest form of healing energy. It is not fluffy bunnies nor is it easy, but it is worthwhile searching and diving into.

Olokun, lead the way down forcefully, it was without choice, but with absolute trust I took this journey.

I was shown my own procrastination, my own wounding, and as my container, my body released There was a primal yell, a roar of self empowerment and embodiment of who I truly am, what I can absolutely achieve and just as importantly, I was shown this is how I have always been guided when working with my own clients in their healing journey.

Holding space as they empower themselves, seeing their own potential, and then realising it themselves.

Without fear, changing their lives.

Olokun showed me that even in those places we fear the most there is light.

Light existed and exists during the dark, we just need to see it, to open to the possibility of healing, to trust, even when we have no inner faith, that we can heal.

Imagine for a moment, being able to breath underwater, this is the paradigm of healing.

To allow, to feel, to take that very first step, to live.

We come from the womb, we are fed and looked after, all our needs are met and yet we don’t breath.

Healing journeys with breathwork are like this, (in fact so are drum journeys, but more of that another time) We dive into the ocean of our lives into the waters of healing to be nurtured yet also to face our fears. So without fear, dive down through the azure waters cleansing, moving freely our needs met our safety assured.

And then plunge deeper into the darkness, and see, know even that there is light there also. And as you release, as you see your own wounding grasp their lessons.

Grow powerfully, not just manifesting great things and ecstatic healing but embodiment of who you truly are, where you can go and what you can achieve.

And then, come to the surface of your life again through the waves, rebirthing if you like, stronger, clearer, healthier of mind and spirit and body.

From sunrise to sunset, from the hours in between you are love and you are loved, there is light, power and incredible possibilities for you to trust yourself with.

Imagine that!

You have all you need all days. Breath light and life into your world, take a journey into the depths and finally release your core wounding.

Creating a life worth living and sharing.

Allow the waters to wash away your fears, destroy what no longer belongs with you and smile, breath and live.

Without Fear, change your life.



© Craig Davey 2019

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