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Without Fear, Change Your life

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Without Fear, Change Your Life.

I don't even remember when I started using this phrase.

What I do know is that for a very long time I have lived by it.

I have taught by it.

And, I have learned from it.

FEAR, the great change maker. It relies on you not trusting you, It relies on you listening to the fear that others share. And very often it relies on hiding in the rear passages of our mind, of the internet, hiding in plain sight as news, social awareness even as we move forward it hides within the very technology that we covet to assist us to learn from, thus supposedly empowering us to make decisions based on information not fear.

However, Fear is an energy like all things, and it feeds on your thoughts and actions.

The dark forces that occupy our world hide "Behind the light" so they remain unseen yet are ever present.

Knowledge is the key, research is the answer, but maybe not the research you know, rather following the feelings you have about any given situation. For this is your super power. You see what the dark does not want you to do is feel. In fact if you look at our society today everything that is new is designed to 'assist' you, to 'help' you to 'save' you time. It is designed to distance you from your true feelings or knowings. Automating our responses without you even knowing, it is the frames we constantly peer into that are in fact created not to help you grow but to dehumanise you to the point of feeling that you have the answer because it is programmed into your sub-conscious having you believe that the thoughts are yours and they become truths rather than something to be inspected or checked. These frames are the so called smart phones, the television, movie theatres filled with so much information that we begin to believe we are smart and in control of our lives.

Yet we are being dehumanised led to believe that this technology that is destroying communities, families, desensitising us. Slowly the darkness creeps into our every day lives and yet we only see the light. As it hides so cleverly behind.

The darkness would have us believe that it is for our very best interests to follow to obey not to question. And we are doing just that. Think about the last time you actually had a discussion, a real discussion with someone with an opposing point of view. A discussion where both sat and listened, where both sides actually took stock of the other, without fear of being bettered. Without falling on the sword of shame or blame. Of accusations and counter accusations of conspiracy or wrong. Discussions are the power we have to live without fear. IF we dare to open them up, they bring new ideas and thoughts, they question the narrative that we hear on a daily basis. And they supply us with fresh patterns to perhaps research or ponder. This is how we grow, how we learn, how we live without fear, because we question and grow.

You see behind the light, and when you see behind the light you cannot 'unsee' it. And once truly exposed the darkness losses it's power, therefore freeing you to think your own thoughts, delve into what you feel, have 'felt' or just know.

Allowing you to create your future, becoming sovereign in your own space. Automatically aligning you to see more at first glance, trusting your intuition or gut feeling,(we all have it, thing we are told it doesn't really exist (fear again!))

This provides you with a new perspective, one without fear, as the 'new' knowledge empowers you to live your life your way, not fearing the thoughts or deeds of others but embracing them and all that is different, then being discerning and deciding what is and what is not for you. This calming energy is strength, it is allowing for you to grow through muck and blossom like the Lilly, burning through the veil that shows as 'light' and seeing the darkness that lies behind it.

For aeons mankind has been led, hand fed fear, be it from religion, corporations that are paper but seen as something almost sentient, or those few that are hand in hand with the darkness that wield immense power and control over our lives through their ownership of lands, media. Many live their lives under the illusion of freedom but are in fact indentured slaves little more than cogs in the wheel of another life. The illusion is real and the fear is real. Yet on seeing it we are free and can work with others to emancipate our family friends and colleagues.

Fear is designed to keep you small, to allow you the semblance of freedom.

Live life without fear by recognising that the dark is present and when you see it then choose to work through it, not giving it your energy but starving it. As it is the only way to be truly free.

Starve fear by seeing it, and move forward.

Never before has the phrase

"Without Fear Change Your Life" been more a more powerful ally.

See fear for what it really is, control. And free you life today.

Much love and blessings,



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