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A Talisman...What is it, and why do I need one?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

First of all, a talisman is am amazing and powerful extension of our own energies and intent.

A talisman, when correctly created or co-created with spirit and ceremony, connects you to those energies which you may need to work with to manifest life force changes and protection within your own life. They have been created for 1000's of years by spiritual masters to eneble people to know and feel safety, Craig Davey follows ancient practice and with each talisman he creates there is a process of cleansing, intent and ceremony.

It is a personal amulet, or as we create a talisman with natural gifts of nature, wood, crystal and copper.

They can be created specifically for you or you can choose a talisman whose energy you are drawn to......It may not be the one you find the most pleasing to your eye, but it will be the one you need the most. As it was created with an energy and intent that aligns with yours.

It may be you want one for protection against negative energies, or psychic attack.

Perhaps you want to bring more abundance into your life?

Love, in it's many forms, to attract a partner or to nurture your own self, remember, self care is not selfish but necessary.

They are known to assist anxiety and moodiness, bring joy and trust into peoples lives.

Often we find on this physical plane that we need a little from the powers that the universe and our own higher selves offer. A talisman is able to assist and enable you to connect in a more conscious way to these energies.

Strengthening our aura, our self belief and our will to change and grow, or protect and live fruitfully without fear.

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