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Blood Moon Musings

The Wolf howls at the full moon, they find in it's awakening a time to move through the obstacles that the winter brings. We can see it similar here in Australia, though not winter much of our country is in drought and we struggle to find the necessities of life in our dry land. It is a time to knuckle down and work, to seek opportunities to move forward despite hard times embracing the challenge. And as we progress we enhance our bonds with our family and 'tribe' honoring traditions and creating new life.......and magic.

This Blood full moon in Leo on the 21st January 2019, while not able to be observed in Australia, is just as potent in energy as if we could see it. An incredible alignment of planets with the Earth settled between the sun and the moon which is at it's closest pint to the earth appearing larger. Casts a shadow over the moon offering us this powerful eclipse.

The moon appears at this time blood red , hence the term Blood moon.

At this time of shadow it is a magnificent opportunity to look into our own shadow, those things that no longer serve us. Overcoming these anchors that hold us back, ending incorrect thinking and unclear thinking. A time to trust our own inner musings, intuition.

The strength of the Lion awaits you as you progress through your endeavors.

Typically, I find that the full moon cycle is powerful the day before, the day of and the day after, this is a remarkable time for magic and manifestations.

We leave our sacred tools and crystals out 3 days to bask in this energy for 3 days before and after the the full moon.

Try to Draw the Moon down to you, energetically anyway. You can do this with visualisation, by drumming, dancing, honoring or creating a connection to the Goddess,creating a closer connection to her energy and caring. With this connection enhanced in this way we create magic and ceremony. assisting us to create what it is we want fully from the heart, seeing knowing, manifesting if you like. As it is from here that spirit listens and works with us truly and powerfully.

Remember to bring to the open your own power and your connection to the earth, have a specific purpose to your energy, let go of what no longer belongs with you or your story, and then infusing this magic and energy into specific objects intentions and your talismans and Crystals.

Above all enjoy the journey and if it is one of powerful release and manifestation, let go and move forward, knowing you will be so much stronger for it.


Craig Davey

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