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Not just another day

I'm kinda mellow today.

You see, I feel everything and I love this!

For me, for over a decade I have been able to discern what is and what isn't mine. So being what we call an empath is a huge plus and honor for me.

I feel like I'm watching the world go by, yet still a part of it.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, be mellow. There is power in calm.

We are tribe albeit a global one.

Yet we are distancing ourselves from one and other. I'm not talking about it need currently to self isolate. That is a necessity right now.

Community, tribe, neighbors whatever you like to call it is the backbone of life. Sharing tales, communicating, being compassionate, knowing one and other allows us to see and feel from different perspectives. We grow this way, we unite this way.

Sit back, look around, most of us have more than a very large number of our global community.

Deep gratitude, not fear is what we should be showing in this time of crisis.

AND THEN with fearless embodiment, we can move through this NOW moment. Rebuild our tribe and our worldwide community.

Say hello to your neighbor, wave, smile, phone a friend, ask if anyone needs assistance and with grace, if you can, provide it.

This NOW will pass, but the tomorrow we wish for can begin today.

Deep gratitude and compassion to you all.

And remember each day to remind yourself " I AM LOVE"

'Without Fear Change Your Life'




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