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You, are the magic

You are filled with magic. A knowing of energy, what is right and was is not for you. You have within you a craft, one that will enable you to learn create and share a bountiful and joy filled life. Trusting what you feel not what you fear is a vital key to self love and transformation of what is, to what can be. Self love, love of life, love of our ancestors, listening, not over thinking,

feeling not analyzing. While maintaining a balance of the physical life with the spiritual or energetic one. Combine your 'knowing' with those lessons you learn daily, balancing without fear what is yours, or not. Those healing hands you have, use them to assist others when needed, and to grow in health for yourself. You are a sacred energy dancing through life. 'You are the magic' Ase. Craig Davey-Anubis Creations.

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